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Tips for Taking a Good Passport Photo

One of the documents you need to travel is the passport. Due to the rise in the cost of application and renewal of this vital document, one the ways to save some extra cash is by taking your passport photo at home. Given a digital camera, a computer and a good photo printer, an individual can now save costs by eliminating the transport expenses involved in travelling to a passport photo studio plus the actual cost involved. Since the state clearly outlines the general requirements of the passport photo an individual can now easily take passport photos at home. This article, therefore, explains some of the vital info to consider when taking a passport photo.

The first consideration you need to make when taking passport photo is the background. When taking a passport photo, you need to find a plain white or light grey background. Having a passport photo that has colored background can result in disqualification when you submit your passport. When taking the passport, you need to make sure anything hanging on the wall such as pictures are removed. It is recommended that you hang a plain white sheet on an open door frame or even attach a grey sheet on an open wall to use the natural light to take the photo.

The second tip you need to carefully consider when taking passport photo is the composition. Composition refers to the ratio of the image on the photo. When taking holidays pictures, the subject is often a long way from the cameras, and this makes the image to appear small in the center of the frame. However, when taking a passport photo, you need to be close to the subject this can be done by using a zoom lens camera or by taking a few steps forward. The finished photo should only have the head, a little of the neck and the shoulders. Open this link to discover more:

The third consideration you need to make when taking a passport photo is to find a friend for the exercise. It is possible to take the photo alone but having somebody to help you with the project is advisable for clear, better image. The picture should be taken straight this means the camera should be upright and not slating. Remove any shadows that may interfere with the background of your camera. You should not have your hat on, no glasses and no shiny jewelry.

In conclusion, all the tips discussed above are important when taking passport photos.

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